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Topic documentation grouped by committee can be found below. Ordered by committee. Please notice that some topics might not be available (yet).



  • Developing protocols about the use of biological weapons in warfare

  • Ensuring the protection of personal data and technology in the Era of Artificial


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  • Combatting the impact of polarisation on equal access to healthcare by advocating for and implementing measures to enhance the availability of affordable and quality healthcare services

  • Addressing cultural stereotypes and misrepresentations in the media and news broadcasts

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GA 6

  • Addressing the impact of polarisation on international criminal justice to ensure liability for all nationalities

  • Establishing structures for resolving cybercrime-related conflicts and encouraging international collaboration on cyber security

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Historical Security Council

  • Addressing the instant impact and consequences of the 9/11 attacks on terrorism: assessing responses in the immediate aftermath

  • Preventing Escalation and Promoting Conflict Resolution during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962


Security Council

  • Addressing the humanitarian crisis in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

  • Developing protocols for handling and settling conflicts related to territorial disputes,

    while also encouraging increased comprehension and appreciation for sovereignty and territorial integrity



  • Overcoming the impact of polarisation on social safety nets and enhancing access to social services for vulnerable populations

  • Establishing corporations to promote development of LEDCs through international trade

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Commission on the status of women

  • Addressing the consequences of societal divisions on the economic advancement of women, and advocating for equal opportunities for education, training, and employment for women.

  • Devising tactics to encourage increased appreciation and recognition of women’s rights and eliminating gender-based violence


Human Rights Council

  • Addressing the impact of social media and other digital technologies on freedom of expression and reducing polarisation in online discourse

  • Discussing the enhancement of LGBTQIA+ rights



  • Developing strategies to prevent child trafficking and child exploitation that may be facilitated by polarisation

  • The role of social media in exacerbating political polarisation and its impact on child welfare

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  • Developing protocols for managing intellectual property rights related to space technologies and data to reduce polarisation in commercial space activities

  • Enhancing policies to promote equal access to space-based technologies and

    resources for underserved communities, with the aim of ensuring inclusivity in space-related research and innovation.

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World health organisation

  • Developing strategies to ensure equal access to healthcare for all members of society, regardless of their political or social views

  • Creating policies regarding the use of euthanasia



  • Addressing the role of UNESCO in promoting accessible art and cultural programs for children and youth

  • Strategising ways to mitigate the impact of social division on the education and promotion of multilingualism and multiculturalism


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  • Ensuring the safety of asylum seekers

  • Protecting the rights of refugee children

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