1. Reviewing cyber-hacking as a breach of international security

2. Preventing countries from further testing on Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems

3. Addressing China’s treatment of Uyghur muslims



1. Establishing an international framework regarding the expenses of health care

2. Regulating Corporate Social Responsibility for international firms and businesses

3. Cogitating the efficacy of economic sanctions on international trade



1. The question of technological development on increasing the gap between MEDCs and LEDCs

2. Examining the crimes against humanity in North Korea

3. Creating measures to combat neo-colonialism in Africa

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Legal (GA6)

1. Establishing limitations on the excessive use of social media to prevent cyberbullying

2. Investigating the utilization of facial recognition as means of regulating human behavior

3. Discussing the accountability of criminal war acts



1. Protecting individual rights to privacy in the digital age

2. The question of the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis

3. Combatting the issue of forced begging as a form of human trafficking


Security Council

1. The question of the Afghanistan Conflict

2. The question of the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

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Historical Security Council

1. Simulating the Soviet-Afghan proxy-war in the context of the Cold War

2. Establishing rules upon the use of nuclear weapons after the bombings of 1945

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1. The potential legal implications of breaches of privacy in relation to satellites in global space exploration

2. Establishing regulations on the growing commercialization of space activities

3. Combating the issue of pollution in space



1. Providing aid for LEDCs in the struggle against climate change

2. Creating a program to enable smallholder farms to increase the accessibility to agricultural technology

3. Establishing rules to combat overfertilisation



1. Combating the issue of online child sexual exploitation and abuse

2. Discussing the influence of technology on the development of child cognition

3. Preventing the further suffering of migrant and displaced children



1. Creating a sustainable programme for the recycling of clothing

2. Contesting the economic effects of Artificial Intelligence on global unemployment rates

3. Establishing regulations for the treatment of convicts

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1. Ensuring access to maternal health-care in LEDCs

2. Protecting women against sexual violence

3. Discussing the legality of prostitution


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European Parliament

1. Investigating the usage of Pegasus and similar surveillance spyware

2. Discussing the Northern Ireland-UK conflict

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Topic documentation grouped by committee can be found below. Ordered by committee. Please notice that some topics might not be available (yet).