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Registration for LmunA 2024

The registration for LmunA 2024 is open 

Participation Costs

The payment deadline for LmunA 2024 is 1 month after the invoice has been sent. (11.59PM GMT+1). The price list for LmunA 2024 is as follows:

  • Delegate fee                 € 80,00

  • Housing fee                  € 45,00

  • MUN directors fee       € 45,00

  • StOff fee                       € 35,00

  • StOff dinner fee           € 15,00

Registration Process

To register, you must agree with the Terms and Conditions.

Click on the registration link


Click on the registration link that is applicable to you, found at the top of the page (available when registration is open). This will take you to a 'Google Forms', in which you may fill in your information in order to registrate.

You are now registered for LmunA 2024!


Wait until you get a confirmation in your mailbox. Whenever you get the confirmation mail, it is official: you'll be part of LmunA 2024!

Submit your filled-in form 


Make sure to submit your filled-in form, by clicking the submit button at the bottom of the page on Google Forms. You can register up until and including the 21th of June 2024.

StOff only: Permission Slip


If you apply for StOff (Student Officer), download our permission slip as well. Make sure that it is filled in by your supervisor and included with your registration (also see the StOff Forms). 

School registrations

Student officers

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