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LmunA 2024

Uniting beyond disparities.
Arnhem, The Netherlands
04-06 October 2024 

Registrations are closed

The Conference

3 Days of Engaging Debates
04 - 06 October 2024

LmunA is an abbreviation for Lorentz Model United Nations Arnhem. We are a non-profit organization, run and organized by students of the Lorentz Lyceum in Arnhem.

LmunA is a three-day international conference, during which high school students from the Netherlands and abroad will engage in a simulation of the United Nations. They will represent countries and NGOs from around the world whom they will represent during LmunA. In committees, councils and assemblies they will debate relevant topics, similar to those in the United Nations.

In line with the principles of the United Nations, delegates will engage in debates, lobbying, resolution writing demonstrating the perspective of their assigned country. By doing so, they will improve their overall skills of writing and public speaking, and they will learn about the world at large. LmunA has something to offer for newcomers and experienced delegates alike, but we pride ourselves for being a conference that caters towards the needs of those starting out in the world of MUN. LmunA has an open, friendly atmosphere, and the conference offers workshops geared towards beginning delegates to ensure confident delegates and engaged debates.

The Conference
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LmunA 2024's Theme

Amplifying Unheard Voices

In our 17th edition, LmunA delves into the theme of "Amplifying Unheard Voices". In a world where certain voices often take the centre stage, this theme urges us to notice the hidden details in stories that we often overlook.


The theme "Amplifying Unheard Voices" creates a journey towards fostering empathy, understanding, and inclusivity. It serves as a call for social justice, prompting us to actively seek out, uplift, and celebrate marginalized narratives. In doing so, we not only broaden our collective understanding but also actively participate in crafting a narrative that authentically mirrors the diversity inherent in our global community.


Join us in this endeavour, not solely during the conference but as an ongoing commitment to give voices to those who have long been overlooked. Together, let's shape a future where the symphony of humanity is harmonious and inclusive to represent the beautifully diverse world we inhabit.

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