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LmunA 2023

Uniting beyond disparities.
Arnhem, The Netherlands
06-08 October 2023

The Conference

3 Days of Engaging Debates
06 - 08 October 2023

LmunA is an abbreviation for Lorentz Model United Nations Arnhem. We are a non-profit organization, run and organized by students of the Lorentz Lyceum in Arnhem.

LmunA is a three-day international conference, during which high school students from the Netherlands and abroad will engage in a simulation of the United Nations. They will represent countries and NGOs from around the world whom they will represent during LmunA. In committees, councils and assemblies they will debate relevant topics, similar to those in the United Nations.

In line with the principles of the United Nations, delegates will engage in debates, lobbying, resolution writing demonstrating the perspective of their assigned country. By doing so, they will improve their overall skills of writing and public speaking, and they will learn about the world at large. LmunA has something to offer for newcomers and experienced delegates alike, but we pride ourselves for being a conference that caters towards the needs of those starting out in the world of MUN. LmunA has an open, friendly atmosphere, and the conference offers workshops geared towards beginning delegates to ensure confident delegates and engaged debates.

The Conference
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LmunA 2023's Theme

Finding equality in a polarized world

Polarization is dividing society into contrasting groups, it is us-versus-them thinking. It is a process in which the contradictions between groups in society become stronger, as a result of which groups become increasingly opposed to each other. Our society has gotten more and more polarized over the years. Especially in regard to different political ideas. Factors such as the media and political parties influence this polarization. A previous United Nations global survey reveals that our world is more polarized than ever. Polarization can be harmful to society. It results in systemic discrimination and weaponized communication. Polarization is mostly happening in developed nations with an economy that is slowly growing. Polarization creates groups and between these groups inequality arises. Finding unity and equality is even more relevant in a polarized society. Equality is establishing that every individual has equal opportunities. No one should have indifferent chances because of where they were born and what they believe. But how do we achieve that?

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