6,7,8 Oct 2017 - Shifting Superpowers: modernising multilateral alliances.


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LmunA 2017 will be held from the 6th until the 8th of October.

Registration has closed on May 19.


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We will update the site regularly to provide more information about the committees and issues, and the programme of events.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us through email at lmuna@lorentzlyceum.nl.

We hope to welcome you all in October.

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Jeroen Mooijman
Secretary General, LmunA 2017


Registration closed on May 19.

Did you apply? Please read and follow our guidelines for MUN Directors and arrive well prepared.
Guidelines for MUN Directors Disclaimer / Rules of Conduct

First time attendants should familiarise themselves with the Beginning Delegate Guidelines.

Guidelines for Student Officers Guidelines for Beginning Delegates


LmunA offers a housing programme for attending delegates. Although we are limited in the number of housing placements we can offer, international delegations will have the highest priority. Please note, though, that we cannot guarantee housing.

During registration, please indicate whether you would like to make use of our housing programme. Please make sure to register before the deadline of May 19 so that we can take inventory of housing requests accordingly.

If you are provided with housing, there will be an additional fee of €7,50 per delegate. Sadly, we cannot provide housing for MUN Directors. After registration our Head of Housing will contact you in order to register any special needs (e.g. diets or allergies). For delegations that will not be housed by our organisation, we have a list of suggested places to stay.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at lmuna@lorentzlyceum.nl

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About LmunA

LmunA is an abbreviation for Lorentz Model United Nations Arnhem. We are a non-profit organization, run and organized by students of the Lorentz Lyceum in Arnhem.

LmunA is a three-day conference, during which high school students from the Netherlands and other countries will engage in a simulation of the United Nations. They will represent countries and NGOs from around the world whom they will represent during LmunA. In committees, councils and assemblies they will debate relevant topics, similar to those in the United Nations.

In line with the principles of the United Nations, delegates will engage in debates, lobbying, resolution writing demonstrating the perspective of their assigned country. By doing so, they will improve their overall skills of writing and public speaking, and they will learn about the world at large. LmunA has something to offer for newcomers and experienced delegates alike, but we pride ourselves for being a conference that caters towards the needs of those starting out in the world of MUN. LmunA has an open, friendly atmosphere, and the conference offers workshops geared towards beginning delegates to ensure confident delegates and engaged debates.

LmunA is a
THIMUN Affiliated Conference

Lorentz Lyceum

The Lorentz Lyceum is an internationally orientated school where students are encouraged to become world citizens.

The Lorentz Lyceum is named after Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, a famous physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1902, for the discovery and explanation of the Zeeman Effect. He was born in Arnhem and he lived there for most of his life, which is why the school is named after him.

The Lorentz Lyceum is a school with many opportunities for its students. Other than providing the regular Dutch education in various levels, the school also offers a bilingual programme. They started in 1992, being one of the first schools in the Netherlands offering this opportunity. The students following the bilingual programme visit various foreign countries throughout the years. They also receive the unique chance to participate in special projects, cultural programmes, exchange visits and MUN conferences!

Address: Groningensingel 1245, 6835 HZ Arnhem

About Arnhem

The city

Arnhem is situated in the eastern part of the Netherlands. It is the capital of the province Gelderland and located near the river Rhine, which gives the city a unique character. Arnhem is very well known for playing a part in the Second World War. In World War II, during Operation Market Garden in 1944, the British and Polish army were given the task of securing the bridge at Arnhem, now known as the John Frost bridge. The British and Polish troops suffered from attacks from the Germans, and on September the 21st in 1944, the allied forces surrendered. These events were dramatised in the 1977 movie `A Bridge too far`.

How to get there

Airport Information

For your convenience we have both examined and displayed airports nearby Arnhem. The required information as for the distances can be found in the map. It is most utterly advisable to make use of the taxi company Taxi2Airport for the needed transportation to Arnhem.

How to get around

Public Transport

Transport between the city centre of Arnhem and the conference venue is easy. Using public transport it will only take 10-15 minutes at most. We recommend using the following bus services.

To the conference
(disembark at the bus stop Groningensingel)
  • Line 7 "Rijkerswoerd"
  • Line 331 "Nijmegen Weezenhof"
To the city centre
(disembark at the Central Station)
  • Line 7 "Geitenkamp"
  • Line 331 "Arnhem CS" or "Velp Zuid"
For convenient travel planning use www.9292.nl/en.

Where to stay

Panoven Zevenaar

Panoven Zevenaar

Panoven is located in Zevenaar, with arrival you're immmediately surrounded by nature. They are familiar with group accomodation. Transport between the Panoven and the Lorentz Lyceum will be arranged by us. Language of the site can be changed in the top right corner.

A: Panovenweg 18, 6905DW Zevenaar
P: +31 31 652 3520
W: www.panoven.com
Hotel Haarhuis

Best Western Plus Hotel Haarhuis ****

Over the 90 years history, this hotel has become a statement to everyone from Arnhem. It is right next to the central station of Arnhem, so it's one of the easiest hotel regarding the travel from and to the school, and from and to the airport.

A: Stationsplein 1, 6811 KG Arnhem
P: +31 26 442 7441
W: www.hotelhaarhuis.nl

NH Rijnhotel****

Next to riverside of the Rijn, you can find the NH Rijnhotel Arnhem. It is famous for its view on the water from the rooms and the restaurant.
The hotel is a 15 min walk from the city centre, where you can easily take a taxi or bus to the school.

A: Onderlangs 10, 6812CG Arnhem
P: +31 26 443 4642
W: www.nh-hotels.nl
Holiday Inn Express

Holiday Inn Express Arnhem ***

The Holiday Inn Express can be found in the centre of Arnhem. They have 127 rooms and are known for their reasonable prices. Because it is situated in the city centre, it's easy to travel from and to the school.

A: Nieuwe Oeverstraat 50, 6811 JB Arnhem
P: +31 26 820 0070
W: www.hiex.nl
StayOkay Arnhem

StayOkay Arnhem

The StayOkay Arnhem can be found in Alteveer, 3 KM away from the city centre. It is easy accessable with public transport. They are very familiar with group accomodation.

A: Diepenbrocklaan 27. 6815 AH Arnhem
P: +31 26 442 0114
W: www.stayokay.com

What to do

Due to the fact that LmunA is not only about learning but also about having fun, we made you a list of activities that you can engage in if you have any spare days or time off. Arnhem has unique opportunities to have fun with friends or to visit cultural and historical monuments. For everyone there is something to do. All the activities are located in Arnhem and the cities surrounding, so it is easy for you to reach.

Theatre Arnhem Musis Sacrum - Schouwburg Arnhem

Theatre Arnhem Musis Sacrum - Schouwburg Arnhem

A: Velperbuitensingel 25, 6828 CV Arnhem
P: +31 26 372 0720
W: www.mssa.nl/
For more information, please visit the website of the local tourist office.

Where to eat

When visiting Arnhem in the evenings there is always something to do at 'The Korenmarkt'. The Korenmarkt consists of lots of bars and restaurants where you can have a drink with friends and have fun. If you are looking for a place to eat, we have a few reccomendations that we consider as personal favourites.