LmunA 2021's Theme:
Quality of Life

Improve cooperation, improve life, improve the future

Quality of Life is defined by a wide range of factors, some of these measurable making up the Quality of Life index but evenly important the unmeasurable social well being of every human individual. The global pandemic has tripled the depression rate, the economy is falling apart and our healthcare is completely overloaded. But the vaccine is on its way and the end of this pandemic might be coming close. We will have to work together to build everything up again. Global cooperation is needed to make sure no country is left behind. Together we will continue the route of improving our world. This year's LmunA will inspire delegates to be innovative and to find new solutions regarding topics such as stopping climate change, rebuilding the economy, solving conflicts and enhancing global equality. All to improve global Quality of Life.

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StOff Booklets

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Beginning Delegate Booklets

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